Currently, all portraits and other paintings are painted at my home studio with acrylic paint. While early acrylics were considered inferior to oils, they have now reached a level of development where they are indistinguishable from oils once they are applied. The advantages of acrylics are that they dry faster (oils can take weeks to fully dry), cleanup is with water instead of petroleum-based chemicals, and acrylics are far more environmentally friendly.

Through phone calls, email or personal contact, I can
establish your expectations of the painting. For example, a portrait may be painted to imitate a photo or made into a more complex painting where your personal preferences are more involved. After we discuss your preferences, we can make tentative choices about clothing, furniture, backgrounds and props. Reference photos may be needed for this process.

Near completion of the portrait, preliminary viewing, in
person or by photographs, may be arranged for you. At
this stage, final adjustments can be made. When you are
completely satisfied, your portrait is then varnished for
protection against aging. After acceptance of your
painting, the remaining balance of the contract is due.

Now you're also able to purchase ready to hang, original artwork or make a custom request at my online shop, Ashton Atelier.  Feel free to browse or even view past sold orders for some ideas for your decor.  If you have any questions, I'll be happy to help.



The price of your portrait is determined by several things:

  • Canvas size
  • How much of the subject is shown (head and shoulders, half body or full body)
  • How many people and/or pets are included
  • The level of background detail

For a detailed pricing list, please contact me or visit my online shop, Ashton Atelier.




Gift Cards & Gift Certificates

A portrait is an ideal gift that will be treasured forever, and is the perfect present for a family member, special friend or a respected work colleague.

If you'd like to surprise someone with a distinctive gift,
but know they'd like to be involved, present them with
one of my special Gift Cards or Gift Certificates.

All gift items are supplied with no value printed
on them. The purchase contract is between you (the
client) and me (the artist). This way, the
recipient need never know how much you spent on their personal gift unless you want them to.

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